Chinko no Tsubuyaki - Chintsubu (Doujinshi) Manga

Chinko no Tsubuyaki - Chintsubu (Doujinshi) Manga
  • Book Name: Chinko no Tsubuyaki - Chintsubu (Doujinshi) Manga
  • Alternative(s): Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu A; Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu B; Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu C; Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu D; Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu E; Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu F; Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu G; Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu H; Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu I; Chinko no Tsubuyaki dj - Chintsubu J; ちんつぶA; ちんつぶB; ちんつぶC; ちんつぶD; ちんつぶE; ちんつぶF; ちんつぶG; ちんつぶH; ちんつぶI; ちんつぶJ
  • Genre(s): Comedy Yaoi
  • Author(s):
  • Status: Completed Download Manga
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Summary: Vol 1 - Chintsubu A Part 1 - Iwabuchi starts hanging out with girls from his cram school, and Kamiya-chinko freaks out. What is he up to? Part 2 - Toride's soul moves up to Ayase's nipple and covers their issues about this new development. Vol 2 - Chintsubu B When Iwabuchi engages in more chinko cosplay, Kamiya is upset and they get into another fight. The cosplay chinkos are not to be missed in this! Vol 3 - Chintsubu C Part 1 - The chinkos are have a big discussion over what to do when they want to get off and their "bodies" don't. Part 2 - Gives us the backstory on Iwabuchi's first impressions of Kamiya, when they first met long before the accident. Vol 4 - Chintsubu D Kamiya injures his hand and can't engage in mutual jerking off with Iwabuchi, leading to a REALLY big fight. Vol 5 - Chintsubu E It's summer and the chinko alliance head to the pool for some swimming fun, but can chinkos even swim? Vol 6 - Chintsubu F When Toride-chinko disappears one night, Ayase panics. The next morning, Hiro reveals that he has performed a successful remote exorcism on Toride-chinko, but when Toride-kun shows up at school with no memory of Ayase or the chinbi (chinko secret), Ayase tries to be optimistic about making Toride-kun fall for him all over again. What happened to Toride-chinko? Is he gone for good? Will Toride remember the chinbi and his feelings for Ayase? Vol 7 - Chintsubu G In this installment of Chintsubu, Toride must come to terms with the fact that his chinko talks—and it's fixated on Ayase. Ayase struggles to resurrect Toride's memories the only way he knows how—by working some hand magic on Toride-chinko. Unfortunately, he fails his mission and freaks Toride out in the process. Will Toride-kun be able to accept his wacky anatomy as anything other than a strange hallucination? And will he find the courage to talk to Ayase again, or will his fear of his over-excited appendage keep him down? This couple's drama gives Kamiya plenty of food for thought regarding his own relationship with Iwabuchi.

The series Chinko no Tsubuyaki - Chintsubu (Doujinshi) contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18. Please click here to continue the reading.
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