Summary: From B-U: Eat-man tells the missions of the adventurer/mercenary Bolt Crank. A cool guy that has the ability to manifest from his hands ANYTHING that he ate (hence the name of the manga). He takes on missions from people who are willing to pay the most but he's still an average good guy. Don't worry, it's not a spoiler cuz there are many plot twists. Truly worth reading. There are 19 volumes in total. However Viz only worked on till volume 2 or 3. The rest are scanlated. From manga jouhou: Eat-Man is a manga by Akihito Yoshitomi, serialized monthly in Dengeki Comics GAO! Anthology. Eat-Man follows the adventures of Bolt Crank a man who has the ability to eat anything(and I do mean ANY thing) and reform it through his arms at any time as he needs it. For example, he eats someone's gun, and he can reform it in his hand and it's fully functional. Being a Mercenary for hire, this ability naturally comes in handy. The stories of Eat-Man follow Bolt Crank as he goes through various jobs, or sometimes back to an old acquaintance for a favor or to finish a job started a long time ago. There isn't a consistent plotline overall, most of the time each story is a one-shot, with sometimes two-parters. Some details from previous stories are carried over, and characters come back to make other appearances in later stories.

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