Pokémon SPECIAL Sun & Moon Manga

Pokémon SPECIAL Sun & Moon Manga
  • Book Name: Pokémon SPECIAL Sun & Moon Manga
  • Alternative(s): Pocket Monsters; Pocket Monsters Special; Pocket Monsters SPECIAL Sun & Moon; Pocket Monsters SPECIAL Sun Moon; Pokémon; Pokémon Adventures; Pokémon Adventures S&M; Pokémon La Grande Aventure; Pokémon La Grande Aventure Sun & Moon; Pokémon Special; Pokémon SPECIAL Sun & Moon ; Pokémon SPECIAL Sun and Moon ; PokéSP; PokéSpe; PokéSpecial; Pokemon; Pokemon Adventures; Pokemon Special; Pokemon Sun and Moon; PokeSupe; ポケットモンスター ; ポケットモンスターSPECIAL サン・ムーン; ポケットモンスタースペシャル
  • Genre(s): Adventure
  • Author(s):
  • Status: Ongoing Download Manga
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Summary: Sun dreams of money. Moon dreams of science. When their paths cross with Team Skull, both their plans go awry. Moon is on her way to deliver a rare Pokémon to Professor Kukui in the Alola region when she meets his good friend Sun, a courier entrusted with a special Pokédex. Sun offers to safely deliver Moon to the professor’s lab…but then they tangle with a group of grunts from Team Skull and are attacked by a mysterious Pokémon! What does the mysterious Pokémon leave in its wake…?

Pokémon SPECIAL Sun & Moon chapter

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