Ebony Castle Manga

Ebony Castle Manga

Summary: \"Like fire spreading, like sparks touching and blossoming into bright flames. The moment of ignition, like a flash.\" The name that appeared on pianist Eden Yeon’s body after he vanished from London a year ago, was that of Tristan Locke, the most beloved nobleman in England. As his whole body was becoming paralyzed, Eden searched for months and was able to finally find Tristan deep in a Scotland forest. However, surprisingly, Tristan\'s body did not bear his name. Without Tristan Locke, Eden cannot survive. But being a straight man, Tristan coldly rejects any contact with Eden. Desperately trying to reclaim his lost life, Eden has no choice but to cling to the man who doesn\'t need him. ※ What is a \'Name\'? → A rare condition in which the name of one\'s destined partner is engraved on the body, appearing in a very small number of people worldwide. It is accompanied by painful symptoms that can only be alleviated through constant contact with the partner. ※ The titles and speech styles in this work have been adapted to be suitable for the Korean language.

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