Favre's Dinosaur Chronicles Manga

Favre's Dinosaur Chronicles Manga

Summary: A great adventure with the strongest carnivorous dinosaur Tyranno! Galagyaos Island, the stage of the game, is an island where \"Kasekihorida\" who are trying to revive dinosaurs from Kaseki gather. The main character, Fabre, looks like an unreliable boy, but in reality he is the strongest fabled holder who freely manipulates the carnivorous dinosaur Tyrano. Fabre, embarking on an adventurous journey, confronts villains who use fossils and dinosaurs for their own self-interest in various places, crushing their ambitions one after another ! However, Tyrano, who is the key, collapses from a mysterious high fever. Is it possible to win the battle without Tyrano? And what about the enemy\'s last trump card, the dinosaur...!

Favre's Dinosaur Chronicles chapter

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