I Think I Have Transmigrated Somewhere Manga

I Think I Have Transmigrated Somewhere Manga

Summary: Even though the harsh reality feels like living as a beggar, to think that the end would be death from overworking! If it’s going to end like this, I should’ve been in a lot of relationships, but wait, oh my... who are you in the mirror? I’m a little flustered but this body… it’s really pretty! It feels like I’ve been transmigrated into a romance fantasy novel. Since I’m already like this, should I enjoy the romance while I’m at it? “But which novel did I get transmigrated into?” I’ve read dozens of books where the ‘Northern Duke’ and ‘Childhood Friends’ exist, I’ve read so many with a black-haired male lead and a blonde female lead, Ah~ I don’t know!! For now, let’s start by conquering the male characters! “I already have a promised marriage.\" “I volunteered for the Western Guard. We won’t be able to meet for several years.” What is this, is this really a romance fantasy novel? Why is everyone running away?! In the first place… was I really transmigrated as the female lead? What kind of novel is this!!!!

I Think I Have Transmigrated Somewhere chapter

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