Kuse ni Narisou Manga

Kuse ni Narisou Manga

Summary: A collection of touching love stories all around the world. Story 1: The only one the virile King Lehar wants to embrace in his arms, even if he has to destroy the whole country, is the lascivious commander of the neighboring country, Lilienthal, whose appearance is as lovely as a princess. Together in battle, they have also spent many affectionate nights of mutual love. Story 2: Kyoujirou is set on destroying a flute his family made that curses those who hear it. But the current owner doesn't want to give it up. (Contains incest and bondage.) Story 3: Randy's mission is to retrieve a bastard child who was kidnapped by his father. But what should he do, as there is no future for the infant, and the father is not a con-man as he was led to believe? Story 4: Hina will do anything to get Mizuki's attention; even steal the relic from the snake god's shrine. Unfortunately, soon follows a drought, so they investigate a well that is rumored to fill with snakes when dry. On top of that, Mizuki gets amnesia.

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