Love Vector Manga

Love Vector Manga

Summary: In youth, we met, just twelve years old, Two hearts entwined, a story yet untold, Now two decades have passed us by, Yet the memory of your love won\'t die. In secret, we cherished what we had, Two souls in love, in a world gone mad, No one knew, our love\'s sweet song, Who was right, and who was wrong? I remember you in my very bones, The coffin, bathed in sunlight\'s tones, Our youthful songs, so tender and true, You sang them softly, a crimson hue. My dear, please, remember me still, Though time has passed, and hearts grew chill, In this world, who\'s human, who\'s divine, Who knows what true love\'s design? Now I know not what the future may hold, But my love for you remains, strong and bold, No turning back, along the straight line, I\'ll keep moving forward, with love as a sign. Stay with me, my love, through thick and thin, Let me savor this world, filled with sin, In the past, I left you behind, it\'s true, But one day, we\'ll unite, me and you. There will be food upon our table so grand, Happiness, like in youth, hand in hand, My love, please, have patience, I pray, For in the next life, we\'ll find our way. For now, let\'s love in this moment, today, In this life, I\'ll save my love, come what may, In the next, together we shall stride, In eternal happiness, side by side. ❤️

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