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Rainbow Prelude Manga

Summary: *Unrelated to Rainbow Parakeet* A shojo one-shot compilation with themes and elements of dance, music, and theater. Lune Kordok is a young man who has come to Warsaw in pursuit of attending its conservatory, in a time where Russians aggressively make their presence known. He makes friends with both Joseph, a man who works at a second-hand shop , and the young Frederic Chopin. However, Lune had died two months prior of pneumonia. What is Lune\'s true nature, and how will he affect the two other men? In addition to the above (serialized in Weekly Shocomi, 1975/10/05-10/26), also includes: - **The Curtains Are Also Blue Tonight** (カーテンは今夜も青い, Curtain wa Konya mo Aoi); Shojo, New Year\'s Special Issue 1958/01 - Chitori, a young theater actress, has a deep fear of the color red. The color red keeps appearing before her, and it seems to be set deliberately - who is after her, and why does she fear red so much? - **The Merchant of Venice** (ベニスの商人, Venice no Shounin); Middle School First Year Course Supplement 1959/04 - Tezuka adapts Shakespeare\'s famous comedy with a modern flavor and even more humor. - **Peacock Shell** (孔雀貝, Kujakugai); Shojo Club Supplement, 06/58 - A young architect washes up on a certain island that has closed itself off from the rest of the world. He falls in love with Lima, the princess of the island, as he finds himself involved in its affairs. This all intertwines with the legend surrounding four rocks near the island - a peacock-colored shell is underwater near one of them, and should it be found, love will be secured.... - **Song of the White Peacock** (白くじゃくの歌, Shiro Kujaku no Uta); Nakayoshi Summer Vacation Issue 1959/09/15 - Yuri Ogawa never knew what happened to her father, who went missing during the war. However, one day, she and her mother are introduced to a white peacock that he kept on the battlefield. Yuri wants to be a pianist, and she and her peacock become big stars... --- **Volume 87 of the Osamu Tezuka Complete Works**

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