Your Memes Are Better Looking Than You Manga

Your Memes Are Better Looking Than You Manga

Summary: Gu Wei. the popular yet controversial lead dancer of a boy band. Jiang Xun, a god-tier professional esports player.One day, after a variety show aired, these two complete and utter strangers became a trending topic together.Gu Wei’s anti-fans: Do these two people have anything in common? Gu Wei is absolutely shameless, even leaching on the popularity of esports and buying paid posts left and right!Fans of Jiang Xun’s skills: Our God Xun is as rich as a nation. If he wanted to, he could play around with any nameless celebrity and dump them after getting bored. However, an expected trending topic emerged not long after. “Jiang Xun slacks off during livestream to promote a celebrity and fight against anti-fans.” “Jiang Xun’s younger brother Jiang Ying complains that he’s been forced to defend his nemesis Gu Wei against anti-fans.” Netizens: ???Although they have an arranged marriage between them, what Gu Wei fell for first was not Jiang Xun, but Jiang Xun’s memes. The first time Jiang Xun met Gu Wei, he thought he liked him. He could never have imagined that Gu Wei only liked his memes. Gu Wei: I think your memes are better looking than you.Jiang Xun: Little kid, you’re a little rebel, aren’t you.Later, affection gradually grew between the both of them until Gu Wei eventually mustered up the courage to confess to Jiang Xun. Gu Wei: Jiang Xun, I’ve become a fan of our ship.Jiang Xun replies ruthlessly: It’s too late, I’m now your solo fan.

Your Memes Are Better Looking Than You chapter

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