Affairs of the Enchanting Doctor Manga

Affairs of the Enchanting Doctor Manga

Summary: I was a surgeon from a modern era who transmigrated into an ancient world. Fate had it that I was to transmigrate into the body of a consort of the imperial family. Due to some previous actions by the original owner of the body, I was despised by the prince, and my sister hated me. Originally, I had no interest in matters of the heart, and I was perfectly happy to live a relaxed life in peace. However, things spiraled out of control when my sister began meddling in my affairs. Unbeknownst to everyone around me, I\'m no longer the same person they knew. Not only am I skilled with a knife, but I\'m used to seeing blood as well. You can\'t even begin to understand the things I\'ve seen and been through.

Affairs of the Enchanting Doctor chapter

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