Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute Manga

Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute Manga

Summary: Just like how everyone adored heroes in their childhood, a certain young man adored those powers hidden in shadows. Ninjas, rogues, shadowy mentor types, that sort of deal. After hiding his strength and living the mediocre life of a NPC by day while undergoing frenzied training by night, he finally reincarnates into a different world and gains ultimate power. The young man who is only pretending to be a power in the shadows... his subordinates who took him more seriously than he expected... and a giant organization in the shadows that gets accidentally trampled... This is the story of a young boy who had adored powers in shadows possibly eventually reigning over the world of shadows in another world. tldr: A chuunibyou obsessed with being the dark shadowy mentor type gets isekai'd; Everyone keeps taking his random LARPing seriously + His random BS keeps turning out to be accidentally true; he keeps accidentally saving the world while thinking he's still just LARPing.

Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute chapter

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