Moonlight Mask (KUWATA Jiro) Manga

Moonlight Mask (KUWATA Jiro) Manga

Summary: (from Moonlight Mask, Messenger from the Moon The Treasures of the Paradisian Kingdom, Part I ~Who is Moonlight Mask? The hero of justice \"Moonlight Mask\", who appears dashingly on a motorcycle and slays the wicked, is back! In 1958, the TV drama was produced by Seikosha Productions, and it was an instant hit, and \"Moonlight Mask Games\" were played by children everywhere. It was such a monster program that \"children disappeared from public bathhouses\" during its airing time. Although \"Moonlight Mask\" has been adapted into manga by many mangaka, it was not until three months after the start of the TV program that the story was told in the form of a manga. The popularity of Jiro Kuwata\'s version, which was serialized in Kodansha\'s \"Shonen Club\" three months after the TV drama started, was overwhelming and contributed greatly to the increase in the magazine\'s circulation. The biggest reason for this was that Kuwata was good at what he did. The thrilling action scenes produced by Kuwata\'s sharp touch, was his forte. The expression transcended live-action and was a great hit with children, winning as much support as much as that of TV version. This book is a complete edition (9 volumes) that includes all chapters of Kuwata\'s version without omission. Some of the chapters are made by Kuwata\'s close friend and assistant, Koji Kusunoki, when Kuwata was too busy at that time. The complete edition of the book is a must-have for any fanatic. The message of \"Let\'s make peace\" is also included. Dr. Yanagi, a scientist, succeeds in developing a powerful weapon called the \"H-O super bomb. However, he receives a threatening letter from the mysterious \"Dokuro Mask,\" a monster, threatening to rob him of the weapon. However, a threatening letter arrives from the mysterious \"Dark Mask,\" warning of the weapon\'s robbery. Sensing the danger, Dr. Kikugoro goes to the famous detective Shukujuro But it is already too late, and the detective has already left for India on another case. But it is too late, and the detective has already left for India on another case. The evil hand of the Dark Mask looms. \"Moonlight Mask,\" a messenger from the moon, appears to save the doctor. --Moonlight Mask Makes His Debut.

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