Starry Fantasy Manga

Starry Fantasy Manga

Summary: A collection of Mizuno one-shots, including some of her earliest works: - **Night of Blue Stars** (青い星の夜, Aoi Hoshi no Yoru) - **Carnival!** (カーニバル!) - **Granite** (みかげ石, Mikageishi) - **The King Who Ate Blue Roses** (青いバラをたべた王様, Aoi Bara wo Tabeta Ousama) - **The Swan of Tuonela** (トゥオネラの白鳥, Tuonela no Hakucho) - Adaptation of Sibelius\'s tone poem. - **Tale of One Snowy Night** (ある雪の夜の物語, Aru Yuki no Yoru no Monogatari) - **The Mermaid Lights the Fire** (人魚が火をともす, Ningyo ga Hi wo Tomosu) - **Star Child** (星の子, Hoshi no Ko) - The \'title\' one-shot of this compilation. Goro is an astronomer down on his luck, struggling to discover something. One night, an little angelic being named Chiru comes down from the stars, changing Goro\'s life... - **Glass Angel** (ガラスの天使, Garasu no Tenshi) - **Two Suns** (二つの太陽, Futatsu no Taiyou) (Note: Official raw only for Star Child).

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